viernes, 22 de marzo de 2013

Nueva compañía en el sofá. New company in the sofa.

Mi primer cojín hecho de ganchillo está listo!!

Con muchos "cuadraditos de la abuela", pero sólo en un color cada uno,  los uní de mi manera. Por detrás hice el mismo cuadrado pero en grande.

Me gusta mucho que haya entrado otra textura en nuestra casa, la lana. Mezclado con los otros cojines en tela, me parece que se complementan genial!

My first crochet cushion is done!!
I made it with many joined granny squares and behind I simply made another square but much bigger.
I´m very happy with this new texture in our home. I believe that together with the other fabric cushions they complement each other in a  very nice way!!
Have a nice day!!

1 comentario:

  1. Congratulations! It looks really nice and cute.
    I am still working on my granny squares bed cover.

    I noticed that my squares were getting bigger and bigger as I crochet more confidently and loosely. So my problem is that the last squares don't match the first ones. Maybe I will make two different things with them?

    Lots of love