miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2012

Primavera! / Spring time!!

Ayer llegó oficialmente la primavera y lo queremos celebrar. 
Al honor del sol y el calor hice un bolso con los mismos colores de sus rayas.
Amarillo.( Aunque mi hija dice que está verde....)

Officially spring came yesterday and of course we want to celebrate that.
In honor to the sun and heat, I made a bag with the same color.
Yellow. (Thou , my daughter says it´s green....)

Queda te aquí con nosotros y da nos tu calor!

Please stay with us and give us your warmth!

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier, I of course had to stop by yours and I have to say - you make such lovely things! This bag is amazing and I just have to try and make my own version of it! It's gorgeous!